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October 16, 2011
By candygirl1985 GOLD, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
candygirl1985 GOLD, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
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But I was used to finding something deadly in things that attracted me; there was always something deadly lurking in anything I wanted, anything I loved. And if it wasn't there ... I put it there myself. ~ John Knowles

I stand alone,
All eyes on me.
I nervously play with my hair,
twisting each individual curl,
and smiling stupidly while i wait for my cue.
I open my mouth...
but, nothing comes out.
I start to hear whispers.
I clear my throat and hear the tiniest sound start to form.
I start to sing.
As my performance goes on,
I can feel my confidence building within me,
getting stronger with every note, with every word.
The whispers grow even louder.
As i hit the highest note, my voice cracks.
But nothing can stop me now.
I nail the final note knowing i have this in the bag.
There's dead silence.
Am i that horrible?
Did I really suck that bad?
The whole audience suddenly errupts in cheers.
Signs with "10" fill the audience.
A standing ovation.
And I know now
She wasn't lying.

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