Poor Baby

October 15, 2011
By Anonymous

One night during summer I had gone to bed past midnight. The house was quiet other than the sounds of my dad getting in and out of our squeaky computer chair downstairs. I laid in my bed, staring up at my exquisite ceiling because my eyes wouldn't stay shut when I closed them.

All of a sudden I heard a noise downstairs and outside. It was a noise I had heard before, so I tried to ignore it, but it was a sound of pain I could not ignore. After a minute or two of tossing and putting the pillow over my head, I finally stormed down the stairs and sped out the front door.

“GET THAT RABBIT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH, CAT!” I said loudly, not quite a shout because of the time of night it was. I squinted without my glasses, looking for movement in the grass until finally I saw him.

“CUDDLES! YOU GET THAT RABBIT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH THIS INSTANT OR YOU'RE GROUNDED FROM OUTSIDE!” I ran right up to him and he was like a whimpering puppy, standing down and flopping over in the presence of his master. I reached my fingers in between his teeth, pulling the fur at the nape of the baby bunnies neck out of his mouth. I then held the baby bunny in one hand and threw my cat over my shoulder, navigating myself through the front door into the house.

My cat stayed inside the house for the rest of the night and I held that baby bunny in my hands for quite some time, stroking it's head and talking lovingly to it. The bunny had a more distressed look than the ones you pick up at the pet store who are afraid you'll drop them.

My mind flashed back to the first time this happened, the summer before when I heard the same squeal coming from outside. I opened the porch door thinking the cat was hurt, but instead he flew past me with this little creature in his mouth.

My parents and I all tried to chase him and he successfully ran under the couch, up the stairs, under my parents bed, back down the stairs and plopped that thing right under the dining table.

He was so proud of it until we tried to chase him down and punish him.

Poor baby, he was so proud.

The author's comments:
My AP English Language & Composition teacher gave us an open topic for one of our Friday writings, as long as it had underlining insight about something and wasn't just a "pretty story". I hope I accomplished this.

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