Forgive and Forget

October 12, 2011
Sooner or later everything fades but a memory remains. The man on the moon sees all the night dances as fairies hold their celebrations. The sun watches over as the flowers bloom and sees every petal fall. And as they watch as everything fades, their memories will forever shine down. With this it is clear that nothing is ever forgotten.
Forgive and forget is the old saying and yet you can forgive others for wrongs against you and/or another until the day you die. But do you ever truly forgive yourself? When you ask yourself this you have to think of the things that cross your mind as you do. Until you can process the pictures and emotions you can never truly, fully forgive yourself or others. Does that mean that you can never forgive the actions or words of those in the past? People you never met? People that died before you were born? Even though the actions were done before you knew them or knew of them do they not affect you the same? Even though the words were spoken before you understood the reason do they not hurt all the same?
Truthfully I do not suppose that it would make much difference to those of who would choose not to worry about reasoning or timings. But then neither would it matter to those of whom it hurt so much. I still to this day regret my actions and words. I believe everyone dies with at the very least one regret. Even so it hurts all the more.

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