What I Learned From a Hospital Bed

October 11, 2011
By marie880 GOLD, New York City, New York
marie880 GOLD, New York City, New York
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It may sound cliché but in my instance the saying is very true. “Tomorrow is not always a guarantee.” Last year I lived my life only worried about school. Missing doctors appointments and never rescheduling them. I hadn’t been feeling right for months, constantly shaking, sweating, and rapid heartbeats that felt like you were having a heart attack. One day in the middle of class I just fainting, blacked out. Can you believe when I woke up I still didn’t go to the doctor because I had a test? Amazing isn’t it? Well I did end up going two days later because I needed a note for my absences of the last two days. I went for a routine visit to the emergency and didn’t come out for two weeks. They did every test I have ever heard of and it turned out I have autoimmune hepatitis. Which basically meant if my body was attacking my liver as though it were foreign. It wasn’t until those weeks in the hospital that I saw how I really looked black bags under my eyes, lost 30 pounds without changing my lifestyle or diet, my hair falling out, and worst of all my completion was yellow. As I laid in bed emotionless and with no energy those first couple days my doctors all told me if I would have waited just a little while longer I would have went in to complete liver failure. From this I learned life is so precious and can’t be wasted over fears and work. You only get to live once so why waste it doing only things you hate? You have to appreciate the little things like family, a sunrise, a large soda at the movies; hoping no one asks you for a sip. You just have to live.

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this is the one thing in my entire life i was never able to control and scared me more than the thought of not living to 17

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