'Being in a Relationship

October 13, 2011
By Ernika BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
Ernika BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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Well everyone has different ways of seeing or feeling love ,this is my way and to other people ways of seeing love.I feel that when people say having a boyfriend /girlfriend will distract you from your work is not true only if you let them.Also in a relationship you will always have opsiticles in yall way and people trying to break yall up.Thats just life but it's up to yall how yall handel the problems.Age, living far away, there family all those things and more could be big or small problems yall go to.

Sometimes I fell your mad one second then the next yall hugging,kissing and stouf.Being in a relationshipm is not always easy.But in most relationships they have problems because they go strait for looks and not knowing how a person is like there personalities. thats where most of us go wrong at.

I've been in a relationship before so I will give you tips on being in a relationship.First you and that person need to get to know each other and may be meet there families.then communication is always good to have between yall.Next yall should always tell the truth so that mean never lie to each other and always express yall feeling to each other.My last tip is to never let anyone get between yall a start drama or break yall up.

See in relationships people have different views of it or even love but its what you make of it.It's never easy but not that hard.It's also for yall to meet each other 50/50 like puting forth effort in yall relationship.I kno just trust me.If not you'll find out for you self.

The author's comments:
This is my fist real relationship and i been in it since the 7th grade off and on and i felt like i had to express some how about being in one how people feel differently.

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