October 13, 2011
By Anonymous

I use to be on probation.You get on probation for doing things you don't supose to do.When you get on probation If you violated your probation you could get in more troble that you already in.It not something you want to get on.

You half to go see your probation office at Juviniell Court when you first get on it.You go every mouth to court see how you been doing in school or at home.They piss test you every mouth.You half to pie in a cup and it you faild it.You could geet firthteen days in Juviniell.

They know everything you do everything you do something.They have five rules for being on probation.The first one is it you get in troble you got tell your probation officer or you could get in troble.When you go court you half to dress in school clothes speak lound in court.

You half to say your name and date birth.You could get serve whit battery,arm rubbery,first degree,secound degree.You could be put on house arrest if you violate your probation.In you have your name in the Juviniel Court System for rest of your life.

You can get community service.You have to stay out troble
or you half to do what they say.Probation officers follow all rules in court system.It nothing to play whit intill u get cought up one day and u already ib Juviniel court system.

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