A Life Lesson

October 13, 2011
By stevenclements BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
stevenclements BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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Have you ever been hanging out with friends on a normal Friday night? Well it turned out to be a bad night. Me and a few of my friends were at the park on a Friday just hanging out, throwing the football and talking. When we decided to leave and go home, we was walking and there was a person that came running up to a car. The guy then shot a person in the head.
I have never been so scared ever before in my life. We called our parents and told them to come to the park. When our parents got there the cops had already showed up. One of the cops came up to us and asked, if we seen anything. All of us told the police officer that we seen the guy run up to the car and shoot the person in the head.
I have experienced a murder before. It was something that i would have never thought would happen. That was a life lesson for me, because it showed me where i shouldn't hang out at. It has been a year since this has happened and i still never went back to that park. Things happen out of the random that you wouldn't expect to happen, but really does happen.

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