Secret Desires

October 10, 2011
By kkgrly BRONZE, Williamsburg, Massachusetts
kkgrly BRONZE, Williamsburg, Massachusetts
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"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."

She’s alone in a world with billions. She’s the one who prays every night for a miracle that will never come. Going into the sunlight, she flashes brilliantly fake smiles to all. But no one believes the emotional liar. They can see her scars. Or perhaps, not see but sense them, for not a soul on earth knows what happened. No soul ever will. She wants to tell them all, anyone at all, but she can’t. She is silenced by her promise. The quiet girl with everything to say.

This way of acting is new. Once, she was independent and sure in her ways. Before he came and destroyed her innocent outlook on life. Before, when she lied to everyone about her hopes and dreams, it was intentional. Now she just hides them subconsciously. She used to be naïve, ignorant and immature. She had always pretend that she was tough and a strict misandrist. In reality she wanted to fall in love. Sweet, romantic love with kisses and snuggles by the fire. She acted like all she wanted was hot passion and touch. Love wasn’t worth the heartbreak, and lust was worth all the fun. But she really wanted things slow and steady. Movie dates and sunset lit walks along the beach. Chocolates and flowers. Princes and happy endings. She secretly desired a fairytale. She longed to be swept off her feet. But no one was able to see past her disguise. She got what she pretended she wanted. And now the girl who used to have no regrets, has the biggest regret of all.

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