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October 10, 2011
By trevor.b BRONZE, Pickett, Wisconsin
trevor.b BRONZE, Pickett, Wisconsin
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A goal is important because it is what pushes you through life, trying to do better. The 3 goals that I set for myself is to get our 66’ Pontiac GTO and our 69’ z28 Camaro fixed, so I can get back into the car shows. Another goal I set for myself is to hook up my subwoofers to my car. And finally I want to keep all my grades at A’s and B’s. I want all these things because I have a major thrive for cars, and in order to stay with my hobbies I have to have a good education and then that’s why I have my goal for good grades. I remember when my mom told me that she wishes that I would start to get into car because back when I was about 4 years old I had a Jeff Gordon outfit that I wore for Halloween and I guess I didn’t ever want to take it off. So I wore that same outfit for about 2 weeks. That moment she told me about that I knew that I had a thing with cars.
My mom says I weird for saying it but I love my smell of gas, diesel and oil. I like the sound of the 2.6 sec. of the engine crank waiting to get a spark and fire up your ride. We have a Pontiac GTO that is from 1966. “Gran Turismo Omologato” Another name for it is the goat and that has to do with the mopars ram. The GTO is sitting in the limo shop. Waiting to be started up and driven down the road, but there is a problem, there is no battery in it and a battery for it cost 326 dollars and I really don’t feel like spending that kind of money right now when winter is almost here. What is so amazing about this car is that it has 720 horsepower and to hold that much amount of hp the vehicle would need to be tubed. Being tubed means that the car is supped up so much we needed to expand the rear end of the car so it’s heavier and the horsepower wouldn’t kill the transmission. In 2002 we decided that the amount of horsepower there was is just outrageous, we took it to the track in Kaukauna to see what the time was from 0-60 mph. It averaged at about 3.4 sec. and back then it was pretty good. I want to get the battery in so we can see what it would get to now. Now the Camero, it has no engine. We have been looking and looking to find one for it but there’s nothing with the matching numbers. We want matching numbers because if you have that, the value of the car goes up a lot! The camero is very unique because there is some painting on the hook and pin striping hand painted by Wayne Eble and it was the last painting he did before he died. I know that because my friend Jordan and I where cleaning the car and we looked at the dragon and right underneath it its said Wayne Eble in a very fancy cursive writing. I said “do you think he’s related to Lauren”? And it was silenced for about 6 sec. and then we whipped out are phones and started calling her. It was a mad rush! She answers, and we asked her about it and you can tell she got teary eyed, with the crackle in her voice. She said “yeah, that’s my grandpa, she used to do paintings. Why?” “Because we have a z28 camero sitting here and it says his name, we got curious so we called you”. She even has pictures of the car. I thought how strange is that? And that is why I have a hook to that car.
My next goal is to get my subwoofers in my car hooked up. I’m waiting on one more sub in the mail. I had it sent 4 days ago but it’s still not here. And as soon as it is I’m going to put it in my sub box and I’m going to hook it up. What I have for subs is one 12 inch JL Audio and two 10 inch Jensen’s. I remember we put 3 subs and 6 speakers in the mule. The bass was just incredible, I had them all hooked up with a 400 watt power inverter and everything worked great but then the battery died so we had to unhook everything. I have been practicing hooking up subs to a lot of motorized vehicles so when I get older and finally get my licenses I can upgrade and put them in my car and drive the road with an amazing song and just enjoying the ride. Why do this? Well I want this because I love music and the way the bass feels and sounds. A bass system can be annoying but that’s why they’re fun to have, also now of days they’re coming out with better technology and better songs with way more bass so its sounds better.
My last goal is very important because in order to have other goals in my future like a job, career, and money. Having good grades in high school is a must. Sometimes it’s hard but other times its fun and easy but I have to have at least A’s and B’s for the next 4 years of high school so I can keep working on cars like I love to do and it’s something I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m going to hand it all my work on time and pay more attention to the teacher. Also getting good grades will help teachers to like me and it also gives me more free time in school. Ill strive to get my work done so then I can do what I want and get working on cars for the rest of the night. It’s hard work, but when it comes to things that I want and need I put my foot down and do what I need to do to succeed. I think that’s all that counts.
Then finally, I told you my goals, my life and what I like to do, I said what needed to be said, and told you my personal life on my costume I wore for the two weeks so did what I do and just remember this “follow your dreams” “do what you think is right” and “Having a goal is important because it is what pushes you through life, trying to do better”.

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