My Family and I

October 10, 2011
By Anonymous

“Mommy! Kiwi’s bothering me!” Yes, I bother my siblings, but they bother me too! My family and I are pretty unique. You need to know my family members, David, Da Vinci, Damitri, Jacey, Kiley, and my mom and dad.
David he’s the oldest child in our family. He’s a junior at North High School. David, he teaches me a lot about everything. He taught me how to cook eggs, he taught me how to play soccer, and he taught me about school, like Middle school and High school. Without David, I don’t think I’ll be able to cook my first meal, kick a soccer ball, or even know how Middle or High school works.
Da Vinci, he hasn’t taught me anything verbally. He taught me about his emotions and how it is. He talks through his emotions. How you ask? Well his emotions tell him more about himself than his words do. He lets his emotion show more than his words do. His emotions teach me about not life, but about how to treat sensitive people, and how to talk to them. That is how Da Vinci has taught me.
Now, on to Damitri, Damitri cannot teach at all. But he did teach me and possibly my brothers to be our selves. Damitri is known as the “Wild Child” in my family. He loves making new friends, he’s outgoing, and he speaks his mind. He has taught me that being yourself is what people see in you, not some fake personality that only attracts the way you want people to see you. He’s also taught me that, if you want a new friend, you’re going to have to step up the game and introduce yourself. But unlike him, I am more of the “Please come talk to me first, I want to meet you, but its best if you talk to me first” type of people. So Damitri, he has taught me that being yourself, and outshining yourself doesn’t mean that you wont have friends, and being yourself is better than faking your personality.
Jacey and Kiley, still being at the young age, they haven’t taught me anything. Other than, Jacey, he taught me how to fish and that “Everybody just LOVES touching worms!” uhm yeah, that’s a little off, but I will give him the benefit of saying that! Kiley, she hasn’t taught me anything, other than, now I would have to be able and accept the fact that I will now being sharing the job of being “Princess” of the house, or even just sharing the jewelry. Even though Kiley and I butt heads, like A LOT, we still love each other very much, and I am glad to have her as a sister.
Lastly, you’re going to have to know my mom and dad. They are the biggest help in my life. They taught me the right and wrongs in life, and they also taught me to take over your life and not to have life take control over you. When I would ever make a mistake in my life, they wouldn’t yell me with horrible, mean words. They would lecture me, but that lecture is full of notorious words that I would have to get to my head. Even though they won’t be able to guide me forever, I am glad that they are here to guide me through my childish years, and my teenage years. That’s why, if re-incarnation is real, I would love them to be in my life, being my parents again.
So for you to know about my unique family, you’d have to know my family, David, Da Vinci, Damitri, Jacey, Kiley, and my parents. Don’t you have a unique family? Aren’t you wondering if anyone else is as “Crazy” as your family is? I know I do.

The author's comments:
This piece is about my Family and what they taught me in life.

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