Te Amo. <3

October 9, 2011
It took three months for me to fall inevitably in love with you. You’re the best risk in love I ever took, there’s not a single moment or day that I’ve spent with you; that I would trade in. You complete me in every way, fill the emptiness inside. You make me feel happier than I have ever been before, putting a smile on my face everyday. And even though my past has left me thinking I was heartbroken forever, it didn’t take me long to say those three special words; “I love you”. But it was different than before, because this time there were no lies or confusion; only true meaning. Respect, love, and understanding; all built into this amazing relationship we share. I love everything about you, the way you smile, the way you talk, the way you hold me, your fluttery eyelashes, your body, you way you look at me; but most importantly the way you make me feel. It’s indescribable, and undeniable that you make me feel like I’m on top of the world. When I’m with you, I feel wanted, special; actually worth something. And I feel hope, inspiration, faith in this relationship going far. I want you to know so many things, just don’t know how to word them, to open my mouth, to make you understand. It’s overwhelming really, it all makes me scared sometimes. “Of what?”, you ask. Well I guess it seems too good to be true, maybe it’s more of the fact that I think it’s too good for me. My insecurities constantly make me scared, all I can do is try to live in the moment. I loved when you told me that you loved seeing me lost in the moment, there was just something about how you said it; it made me feel whole inside. I don’t think I could ever live without you, because you make my life worth so much more.

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