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October 9, 2011
By Anonymous

I Thought i knew how to love.. Huh? i was wrong.. it hurt so much sometimes i cant breath. i hurt but you enjoy life my tears never seem to stop i picture in my mind all the times we shared. when i hear your name i hesitate to look up.. love hurts.. as much as i hurt... i think about all your words and it hurts so much. i thought i would have a kid for you.. no one understands me you were my friend, my heart,mind,soul,life ! you let it all go !!!! you told me i had talent.. but now i hate you !.. NOOO ! I Dont i love you and hope you come back !! man i run to you let you hold me kiss me tell you how much i miss you.. you were there... When no one else cared.. anything i need i knew you had me cause of you all them girls couldnt stand me why i hurt you? thats my question........ now all i want is for you to come Back i listen to people who told me i wasnt ready for you but how the word do they know what i was ready to do?...... i gotta let you know waht you mean to me when im sleep and i see you in my dreams with me..... you gave me hope for a lifetime.... and now your outta my life... for.... GOOD ! :'(
I Drove for miles just to find you my life.... but you never understand yes im alone and i miss you wishing you come back where you belong. but phyiscally you are gone but mentally you are here in my heart..

The author's comments:
I Wrote This Because Well Sometimes i miss him (insider) And Sometimes it hurts to talk to someone.. my message is never let anyone get to you mentally !

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