The Lights of Wonders

October 8, 2011
As I finally made it to my destination, I walked around wondering when I will see the magnificent lights that everyone talks about. I thought I was at the wrong location and decided to turn around and go back, but as soon as I turned around I saw a gleam coming from the sky. I slowly turned around as my heart was racing, and all I could see were these beautiful color lights. I have never seen anything so beautiful, all I could do was smile. I felt like the world just froze and I was in the middle of a reflection and refraction of light. It was almost like a dream and I couldn't wake up because I created this world full of wonders and marvels. If I was dreaming I didn't want to wake up because my fantasy was much better than reality. I finally came back to reality and admire the beauty of the lights. They were so many colors; orange, neon red, gray, and green. It seem as though, the lights were moving and making a pattern in the sky horizontally. They were moving close together as though they were keeping something out. In some way, as I looked closer and closer I could see shapes from the lights of different things, it almost seemed as if the lights had meaning, like they were telling a story. I felt, as though, the lights knew you and could feel your spirit because I could see myself in the middle being pulled side to side from light to light. In one light, I saw myself confused, and in the other light, I saw myself knowing exactly what path I wanted to take with no turning back, and in that exact moment is when I knew that light was for me, that there are choices and chances in life. I knew they were only beautiful astonished lights, but to me they had meaning. I left the place with only memories, but I knew something that beautiful couldn't disappear forever, and that soon we will meet again. If I could name that beautiful, magnificent, and colorful creation, I would name it the light of wonders.

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