The Wrong Door

October 8, 2011
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Okay, I admit,
I choose the wrong door.
You know, in those much sought after game shows.
Yeah, I was on one.
Except this game show was in my best friend's living room.
We have been friends for years. Too many to count. When I got hurt, she felt my pain. And when she broke up with her boyfriend, I felt like I had been rejected. We both played the piano, and composed for each other. The perfect epitimy of friends. So when I was invited over, I was surprised to hear the words, "Choose me, or her." Coming from her mouth. I had no idea what it was about.
"I saw you with her. Talking about me behind my back. So now you have to choose. Me or her."
I paused before answering,
"We were not talking about you,
I promise."
"That's not good enough. Anyone can lie. Either me or her."
Silence. Should I let the years determine my answer? Is it worth trying to fix a broken relationship? I didn't look in her eyes, I just walked to the door. The wrong door.
At least for her.

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