The day i got Juvinile diabetes

October 9, 2011
By Anonymous

I was at home. Iv been sick for two days. Vomiting and fealing realy dissy.
When i used the bathroom it hurt. And i had to go to the bathroom alot. I was drinking
a case of water a day. Finaly my mom saw me throw up again and she took me to the
hospital. There they had me pee in this bottle. Then they did a bunch of blood work.
They had to prick my finger and it hurt a little.

When the doctor walked in he told us that my blood sugar was above 500. A normal
blood suger is around 95. I was then diagnosed with juvinile diabetes. They told me that
that means my pancreus wasnt produciing insulin to break down sugar in my blood. So
a bunch of sugar was just chillin there not doing anything. They put me on a strecher
and i had to go in the ambulance to go to the ICU.

When we finaly got there they rolled me into this room. It was pretty nice, there was
a great view of the city and there was a flat screen in there. But of course all they had
was Finding memo. They hooked me up to this thing that put insulin in my blood.
it felt weird and it was anying because everytime i moved my hand it would stop and
beep untill a nurse came in to fix it. I wasnt hungry at all eather. If i thought of food
i thought i was going to vomit. The doctor said it was my body making sure i didnt eat
anything or i would have for sugar in my blood.

After two days of them giving me shots and pricking my finger i was finaly starving!
My stomake was completly emty. Thats when they stared giving me meals. But befor each
meal i had to take a shot. With kinda sucked but i got used to it. They made me take these
huge pills to. To raise my potassium levles.

Iv been in the ICU for about a week and they finaly released me. I know have to
watch what i eat and do shots befor each meal. Im starting to get used of life with
diabetes. At first i was scared but now im fine with it. Im also glad i got it because
im now on a very healthy diet. Iv lost alot of weight and i feel much better.

Theres still not a day were i wonder. What if i didnt go to the hospital.

The author's comments:
I still have diabetes. Its not curable but its treatable. And please befor you start thinking im fat do some research about type 1 diabetes. And for anyone with diabetes I know how you feel. Each and everyday.

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