A lesson well learned.

October 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Monday morning. Woke up to the lovley sound of BEEB BEEB BEEB. When i finaly found
the sleep button there was my mom. "Kyle get up now, You have had enough sleep"
Well the truth is i was up intill 2:00 in the morning watching family guy.

The day started slow. I slowly walked to my first period. When i got there i sat
down and closed my eyes for one second. Well at least i thought it was one second.
When i opened my eyes it was 30 minuts later. The teacher didnt even notice me asleep.
Thats when the bell rang. "Ok when you leave please bring me your test" Test?
I missed a whole test? All i could do was sneak out of class.

Then i got to my second period. French. At the begining of the year i thought
i would enjoy french. But boy was i wronge. Im always embarised in that class because
im like the only one with out a pencile and paper. When ever i ask the teacher every
one looks at me like im some kind of alian. In that class i just kind of stared blankly
at the clock. Tik tok- Tik tok- tik RING RING RING. Time to go.

When i was at lunch i barly ate anything. Just kind of slept through it. When i woke
up no one was in the room. No one woke me up? SO i just walked down to band. I couldnt
fall alseep in band tho. Way to hard to go to sleep when you here those anying screeches
from the clarinets. I think i did day dream. There i was next to squidward. He was playing
his clarinet. And i took his clarinet and broke it. RIng ring ring.

The rest of school i was just dreaming about random stuff. My science teacher got mad
when she caught me sleeping. But she was to late because it was time to go home.

When i survived the long walk from my bus stop to the house i greeted my mom.
She didnt look so happy tho. "I got a call from all of your teachers today, Saying
that you did absalutly nothing in class. And that you didnt turn in a very important test"
I think i peed my self a little. Her face was so red and like two vains were sticking out.

I now have ISN for a week and alot of make up work. The test i didnt do was like
15 pages long. So now my mom makes me go to sleep at like 8:30pm. But im doing alot better in
school. Leson learned.

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This article has 2 comments.

on Oct. 19 2011 at 3:45 pm
Wow , this is amazing!!!! You are very creative in your writing.

amy=loveyou said...
on Oct. 19 2011 at 3:24 pm
love it keep the work up :)

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