The Big Surprise

October 7, 2011
By , winter park, FL
It was a Friday night. I was playing games on my computer while my mom was cooking
Dinner "Dinners ready",She called. Suddenly the phone rang. I answered "Hello"?
"Hi can i talk to your mother?" I gave the phone to my mom. She greeted them.
Then her face got pale. She covered her mouth. I saw tears.

She put the phone down. "I have some sad information about your grandpa",She said
"He passed away last night" All night i tossed and turned wondering how he died so

There was my grandpa. Singing his favorite song. 'On the road again' He saw me and
waved me over. I started walking to him. Kyle, Kyle, wake up sweety. I woke up in my bed
Sweating. My mom was there. "You need to get ready for your game" She said.
I went down stairs to get my breakfast when the phone rang. Mom picked it up.

"Hello?" She asked. There was a silence. Then out of know were her eyes shot open.
She put the phone down. "Who was that?" I asked. "Your grandpa just called to say hello.

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