My First Dolphin Experience

October 6, 2011
By danielledifed BRONZE, Auburn, New York
danielledifed BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Everyone has a favorite animal. For 11 years mine has been a dolphin. I have never been so amazed and excited as I was last summer when I saw one up close for my first time. It was one of the best experiences in my life.

I’ve always been obsessed with dolphins. They amaze me on how fast they swim through the water. I used to have a dolphin room where everything in there had to have a dolphin on it. I always talk about swimming with them but still haven’t got the chance to. Every year when I go to Florida, I try my hardest to see them. I would walk to the pier to see them, but would be too late. The dolphins would have already swam away by the time I got there. It was so frustrating bbecause people would tell me I just missed it and how amazing it was. I would hear all these awesome stories on television where people had a really good time swimming with them. Television, books, and articles that I’ve read made them out to be the coolest animal to live. They always talked about how gentle they were. Sometimes off my balcony I would see them jump out of the water from a distance, but it wasn’t the same as being right up close.

Last summer my family and I went out on a yacht in the ocean for my aunts birthday. It was my first time to ever go out on a boat in the ocean. It was really rocky and made me sea sick. As we approached open sea I saw this big tourist boat with a lot of people on it. Dolphins were jumping all around it. The tourist boat attracted the dolphins due to a design it has under the boat. I was so jealous and told my parents as soon as we got into shore that was the first thing we were doing. I had to see a dolphin before the trip ended. I was sitting on the back of the boat on a chair when I heard a splash coming from the water. I turned around to see the best animal to ever live; A dolphin. This dolphin was right next to our boat. It was jumping in and out of the water like it was putting on a show for us. It was gliding through the water like a Frisbee flies through the air. When the dolphin jumped out of the water it went so high and shot right back down into the ocean. I have never noticed how high a dolphin jumps until I saw it in person. The dolphin swam right next to us for a good ten minutes. It wasn’t frightened by us at all. Everyone quickly ran to get their cameras to take a picture as it was so close. I was in complete shock. I was so excited. I just kept thinking to myself that I had to swim with these dolphins. As crazy as it sounds, I wanted to get in the water. Obviously my parents wouldn’t let me bbecause this wasn’t a trained dolphin. My parents promised me the next time we go to Florida, I will get my chance to swim with them.

Last summer was the best trip to Florida I have ever had. I got to see a really unique animal up close. I hope my parents keep their promise so that I can actually touch a dolphin and get to see how gentle they are. They are truly an amazing animal.

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