To Remember

October 6, 2011
By KayleyL BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
KayleyL BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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My heart beat stopped as I hung up the phone. My stomach dropped and I felt my eyes burn and tears stream down my face. First I’m going to talk about what happened that night, what she was to me, and how I recovered.

That night on January 25, 2010 I found out the most terrible news anyone could ever tell me. This was the most terrible news because around 8 o’ Clock that night I found out that one of my best friends passed away from a brain tumor that she has been fighting for a little under a year. Her name was Christine. That night after I hung up the phone I felt the thump of my body hitting the floor and my knees hit my chest. My mom came running into the living room wondering what had happened. I couldn’t face her I was in too much pain, instead of facing her I ran to my room. As I ran I felt each step burning a hole through the ground as I ran step after step. Although I was running it felt as if I had to use all my energy to keep on going. As I got to the end of the hall I opened my chocolate colored door that lead to my bedroom, and leaped from the cold wooden floor to my bed. Then I pulled my lavender comforter over my head and thought this can’t be true, I did not just hear you say those words. It was like my thoughts were running in a race they kept going faster and faster trying to compete with each other. As my thoughts were racing my heart sank deeper as the clock ticked minute after minute. When I closed my eyes I just pictured us at the park when we were around eight years old running and playing. After that night I realized that you can’t take friends or anything for granted because in a flash it can be gone.

Christine an amazing person inside and out. Some people would say she was an angel walking earth. These are some reasons why she was amazing. First she was an incredible friend to everyone. She was kind to everyone she talked to; anytime you needed her you could call her up. Another reason was that Christine was always a loyal friend and you could trust her with anything. She always understood. Anytime you had a secret and you thought you couldn’t tell anyone you knew you could trust her. Another reason is she was strong; she was the strongest person I knew. She had so much faith and loved God so much. Christine trusted him knowing that she would end up being all right. Christine was just remarkable person in every way; she had the best qualities. Christine you’re perfect.

It’s really hard to recover from a tragedy like that and a part of me never will recover. During my grieving process I wrote a ton, and I don’t mean just a page here and there I wrote close to five page letters to her every day. I miss her so much sometimes it helps a lot because I was never comfortable to talk to my family about it, and I am still not able to. With the letters my friends and I would read them to each other at recess. In my letters I would write things similar to questions I had, and telling her what’s going on in life. Letters helped me write my feelings and share them with the people I trusted the most and I knew wouldn’t judge me. Another thing I did a lot was sometimes I found myself calling her old cell phone trying to remember her voice. But with the call you had to feel the anxiety that maybe this time she will pick up. There will always be that feeling inside of you that she will call you back, but deep down you know it won’t happen. Even though you will keep convincing yourself it will.
Friends are hard to find, but once you find one it’s really hard to lose one. That’s what happened January 25, 2010. I lost an amazing friend. In this essay first I talked about what happened that night, what she was to me, and how I recovered. Christine if I saw you now even if it was only five seconds I would say Christine I love you and goodbye.

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