my family and me.

October 6, 2011
By lexyt BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
lexyt BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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My family and I don’t get along well.

My dad and I hate each other. We always swear at each other. I can’t stand him and he can’t stand me. He always yells at us older three and we yell right back at him. He has nothing nice to say at all. He yells at every little thing we do whether it’s right or wrong. I don’t think my dad likes me because I’m a teenager and he likes younger kids like my too little sisters.

My mom and I get along so, so some times where Good but other times she’s in a bad mood and she’s really crabby. She will yell at us than. But she will never hit us. She gives us things if we do really well on chores. We can talk to her about our problems if we really want, she will even cry with us so she can be a really good mom. She tells us weather we are right or wrong. She will even help us with boyfriend problems.

My brother and sisters some times get along with me. My littlest sister and I never get along at all she will swear at me and call me Names bad names and she’s only nine. She don’t get no discipline, it’s more like she gets treats for being naughty. My older sister and I are like best friends. We tell each other everything, and we hang out all the time until she gets sick of me or I get sick of her. My second little sister is so sweet she don’t swear she don’t hit she don’t push unless you make her really mad, she does everything I ask. Unless she’s doing something else. My brother and I get along but most times he only cares about him self which makes me mad because I would do everything he asks, I would get him food or drinks just to make him happy.

My uncle lives with us and he has diabetes. I love my uncle he is so funny He always messes with us and makes us laugh but some times he’s mean I don’t know why I think he has bipolar. He will give us rides sometimes if we ask him. He will come out side and be nosey if were talking to someone its kind of funny at times than it just gets annoying, like if we are hanging with friends he will come out and smoke a cigarette just to see what we are talking about.

I have a lot of family members some I don’t get along with and some I do get along with more than any one else my family is crazy them.

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