Math Homework Heart Breaker

October 3, 2011
By LoonyLexi BRONZE, Gaithersburg, Maryland
LoonyLexi BRONZE, Gaithersburg, Maryland
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There is a girl I know. HSe had her heart broken at age 13. A year later she looks at him, her heart breaker. He had ignored her for a whole year, until one day he asks her what the math homework was. She wants to scream, " YOU LIED TO ME!! You're the one who said forever together, together always!! You dumped me for my BEST FRIEND!!! You, you, you.... you left me alone with no one to cry to or love. You left me alone." She stares at him for a minute. He says, "Are you DEAF??? What is the Geometry homework???" SHe thinks of all the times he texted her the year before saying, " i love you, cutie" or " You and me forever" She remembers the best 2 1/2 months of her life. Then, she thinks of how easy she fell for him, always replying, "I love you, too." or " (: " She thought of all the endless notes they would pass and all the A+J hournals she had that were burned to ashes a few months passed. She thinks of how stupid she was to think of love. To think she was actually lved. She stared at him again, his face looking so angry now and annoyed. She tried not to let him her her breaing voice. "We have none." She said to him. He gave her the million- dollar smile she used to yearn for.The smile that for so many days kept her going when she was going to end her life. She stares at him and thinks of their first date together to the movies. he had shared his popcorn and his Coke-Cola with her. When he wouldn't even hug her until the 8th day of their relationship. he moved away from her to join his friends now on the other side of the room. She looks him up and down. She realized he had changed his look, his hair, and his heart. She looks at him and all she sees is a player. She sees a boy who she recognizes vaguely. All she sees is a beautiful stranger who looks so very familiar, yet so very distant. All she sees, is a heart- breaker.

The author's comments:
-even young children and teens can be heartbroken or heartbreakers

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