The Mustang Band

October 5, 2011
We are not the same band we were last year
We have lost a director, but gained another
We have lost members, but leave them in the past. Because their hearts weren’t in it like
ours are, forever until the end we are musicians.
We are the new high school band

Just step aside and let us do our thing
Watch as we march down the street, that’s our stage. As our step off goes to the beat of the drum. Our feet, sound, heartbeat becomes one
Each member giving their all

We stand tall and proud because we are
The new band.
And we are in it till the end
This is our “sport” so step aside
And let us do our thing as a band

Don’t underestimate us because even
Though we are small in numbers we are
Big in sound, passion, and heart. Because
When we come together our heartbeat is
strong like a mustangs’.

New friendships have formed that will last a lifetime. Bonds have been formed that are
stronger than iron chains that link us together,
Through all types of weather we will outplay them all, because we have more than sound,
we have heart too.

A musical masterpiece we will perform
Every note memorized
Every step remembered
Our heartbeat is strong like a mustangs’.

The time is now and here when our sounds as individuals will come to together to become one musical piece. The crowd roars and applauds in excitement as the last not rings to high heaven. We’ll all smile, and nod, because we are proud of our band.

At the end of the day no one else will feel the way we do about our band. Never in a million years can a picture capture the feeling we have as a band, a family. Only one thing can do that and it’s music.

At the end of the day we know this will all come to an end someday. But for right now we are living in the moments, and dying for the music. Because we are the new band.

And when we come together our heartbeat is strong like a mustangs’.

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