September 30, 2011
By claudiamahler BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
claudiamahler BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Frightened, I felt terrified that day when the shootings occurred. I did not know what was going to happen to us. This experience changed me, changed some things I underestimated in my life. An event that brings to a thesis: Life is full of unexpected things, be prepared.
I stretched my arms as if I was reaching into the skies. It would be more marvelous if I was not inside a building. As the sun shined through the window, I felt it was a lovely day, full of enthusiasm. I was eating my favorite lunch my mom packed especially for me. Something appeared in my heart as I smelled and tasted it. A full stack of homework my teachers gave me did not take my mood down to the bottom of the earth. I was laughing with my friends and of course, did crazy things. In my mind, there was nothing better than the little bit of peace I had. Everything was so peaceful until rapidly, I heard a fire alarm. It was not a horrendous time for me because I did know we have alarm checks every week. As I walked to the door, my English teacher rushed into the classroom and yelled, “Kids, pack your things up and go straight home! Go straight home means no playing around and go home!” I saw fear inside my 5 grade classmates’ eyes.
I kept asking my uncle what was going on during the 5-minute drive to my house, and he knew nothing. When we arrived, I dashed into my house and, like a thunder, searched for my mom. I found her sitting on the TV room, doing her crochets. She was quiet in a mysteriously way. I asked her what was going on, but she said she did not know anything unusual happened in my little town. Like any 9 years old morons would do, I believed her.
I smelled something unusual had happened. Trying to look like a detective, I searched for some clues and called my friends to find out what was happening. They did not seem to have the information I needed. Finally, I gave up even though unpleasant things formed in my mind and I cannot stop it for coming.
It was 5 pm when my stomach started to growl. As I walked to the kitchen, I heard my mom talking on the phone. She was talking so slow I could barely hear her. But I heard; “Everything’s okay? What about him? He is still busy, isn't he? ... I’ll pray for them”. From what I heard, I know my mom was talking to my dad’s secretary. What were they talking about? What did my mom mean when she asked such questions? I’m even more suspicious than before.
3 hours later, my mom, aunt, and I were sitting in the TV room, watching an unconventional show. The person’s voice inside the TV made my headache worst. Then suddenly my mom said, “They’re having a problem at the Main Office. The locals are having a demonstration.” I felt like my heart stopped beating for a second or two. This cold-like feeling spread through the blood vessels inside my body, like when drinking with a straw, from the tip of my toes to my head. The fear appeared inside my head, reaching as if I could touch it. That very moment, I acknowledge something strange.
My cold sweat flows as I sit, waiting for my dad to come home, still watching the odd TV show. Tried to look calm, I grabbed a jar of peanuts and ate some. It tasted bitter even though I knew it was supposed to taste sweet. I did not realize we were sitting on the dark except for the TV light that shined in to one's sparkling eyes. After I had felt a slight tenderness despite my coldness inside, I heard a gunshot. Instantly, the three of us sprinted upstairs, ignoring the TV. For the first time, like someone was chased by a cheetah, I ran. We reached the computer room and I shivered. Again, my mind formed distressing scenes about what was happening outside. Judging by the sound of the gunshot, I knew it was far from my house. I was relieved, but then I thought about my dad. He had not come home from his office nearby.
“Krrriiinng”, the phone rang and surprised me. Judging by my mom's face, she heard the terrible news. Several people including my dad trapped inside the office building because the locals were throwing rocks, burning cars, and firing guns. I felt like the whole world became small and inadequate. My mind was about to explode when wicked thoughts came into my mind. I can taste, smell, hear, touch, and see my fear. That night, I cried until I fell asleep.
My dad did not come home that night. It was early in the morning when he came into my room and woke me up, found me sweating. It was one of the happiest moments I ever experienced. Later, I found out my dad’s office was the only one that had no damage. One thing I liked about my dad is he never talked about his work with me. How hard and scary it was for him, he never wanted us kids to see his hardships.
My conclusion to this story is we never know what will happen to us, what horrible things we will face. Sometimes, we can ignore it all at once but there is a time when we will treasure it deep down in our hearts and minds, and it will haunt us for the rest of our lives. Hardships are one of the tasks we will have to accomplish in our life. Be prepared and stay strong if one wants to cross the other side of the road.

The author's comments:
I hope that the readers could get the meaning of it and to understand my thesis: Life is full of unexpected things, be prepared.

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