Welcome to the Real World: A Not so Magical Experience

September 29, 2011
Disney World has been called for years “the most magical place on Earth;” however, for me, Disney Disney World has been called for years "the most magical place in Earth;" however, for me, it would soon represent “the least magical place on Earth.” It all started when I was seven years old. I was going to Disney World for the first time in my life, and to say the least, I was excited to escape the chilly Philadelphia winter and enter the Magical Kingdom. Before I knew it, my family and I arrived in Florida ready to embark on this magnificent journey for five days. However, in the end, this magnificent journey turned out to be quite the opposite, heart-breaking and drastically dismal.

The very first day, my family and I went to the special Disney breakfast buffet in the hotel lobby. At that very moment, my fascination with the Disney mascots had been sparked. My childhood favorite characters served us our breakfast, but more importantly, I noticed that they had come to life. In fact, I clearly argued with my parents about how I did not want to go on the famous attraction rides anymore, and instead I desired to simply hang out with these “life-like” animated characters. My dad laughed put down his fork and told me I should wait until I see the amazing attractions yet to come. Soon enough, my family was walking up to the arched, red-brick, and gated entrance of Disney World. I, however, ran in a full on hectic sprint to see Disney World for the first time.

Once entering through the breathtaking gates, I stopped dead in my tracks to take in the views. Waves of people crowded Main Street and a noise of thunder stemmed from the clamorous footsteps of the cobblestone streets. Sweet and savory smells wafted through the air from all directions. Furthermore, the unmistakable and enormous attractions beckoned me to head toward them. Not much later, after taking in all of the unique aspects of my first sights of Disney World, it suddenly hit me. Frantically spinning in circles and searching through the crowded streets, I realized I was lost! I was so distraught with fear, in a frenzy, I ran down the roads looking for that ever so hopeful glimpse of my parents. Failing to find my parents in the, what then seemed like a never ending amusement park, I just started screaming and crying. After all, I was only seven years old, lost, and alone. However, almost miraculously, I saw my favorite Disney childhood character, Pluto the dog, signing autographs. I ran up to him with my eyes bright red and still shedding tears, and Pluto realized immediately what was going on. He grabbed my hand, guided me through the mobbed streets, and took me into a small little building known as the lost child center. After asking for my name, Pluto took of his fake head, placed it on a table, and bellowed my name through the Disney World loud speakers. However, beneath this fake head, there existed another head, one of a foreign man in my eyes. I screamed and tried to get out of my seat to run, but the man blocked the entrance. Pluto realized his grave mistake and quickly threw his fake head back onto the Pluto torso. Not much later, my parents arrived and took me back to the hotel to try and calm down my heartbroken and hysterical seven year old self. I clearly remember to this day, the events of my first ever Disney World trip, and how that trip impacted me and scarred my vision of the Disney World legacy. In the end, my first trip to Disney World truly wasn’t magical as any other child’s normally is, instead, I was introduced to the real world at that young age.

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