Who is my Idol?

September 29, 2011
By AmberN BRONZE, Knightdale, North Carolina
AmberN BRONZE, Knightdale, North Carolina
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For every rose there is a thorn, but being pricked doesn’t always draw blood

Everyone has an idol, someone they look up to and give lots of respect to, they follow their idol around like a shadow and try to be just like them in every way and finding ways to interpret what the person tells them to work in their life personally. Some teens use famous artists and singers as idols and some use family members, it all depends on the type of life you live, how you were raised and how the people around you treated you when you were young.

I will not give you a sad sob story of my life, I’m not going to whine or complain about how I was treated, though it was not fair to me at the time. I knew my parents loved me they just had a screwed up way of showing me that they did. Even if my sister was their “shining star” the way they raised her and me differently helped me learn skills I am now using; she got whatever she wanted and I worked for what I needed, this alone helped me realize how I would make a living in the world and set me off to writing books. Though my parents are not my idols I do owe them for keeping me caged or my passion for writing would have never been found.

My idols are Mrs. Strader and Mrs. Montague; they have both helped keep me in check and on the right track throughout high school. Mrs. Strader has been my “school mom” since freshman year and ever since she seen the careless attitude I had she made me the center of attention for her, always making sure I had a lunch, my homework for every class was done, I was getting good grades and if I wasn’t she would go straight to my teacher and tell them I needed help with the subject, which was mainly math. Mrs. Strader always kept me on my toes, if I came to school sad or upset about something, she was the first to realize and instantly had me talking to her about it.

Mrs. Montague didn’t join the idol tab until my senior year, when she became my English Four teacher. Though we didn’t know each other I already knew she was going to be someone I looked up to, I cannot explain what it was, a feeling I had that made me know she would help along the way as well. Mrs. Montague was probably the first teacher I have ever told about my abusive parents, and she didn’t run off to call social services (yes, that has been done before) which was a good sign that I could trust her with secrets and issues going on in my house. When I found out that she also had a passion for writing I realized the click we had, and took full advantage of the fact that I could have a published author look over my books I have written, she really understands the way I write, without degrading my work as an un-educated author. She has shown me a lot while being my teacher and encouraged me to keep writing, especially when I feel like giving up and just throwing everything I’ve worked hard for away.

I hope to one day repay both of these teachers back by become an author and a teacher so I can one day help an unfortunate soul to realize their true potential in life and show them that with a little courage and strength they can get farther than they have ever dreamed, just like Mrs. Strader and Mrs. Montague did for me, without them I know my life would not be the same, I probably would have dropped out of school and ended up as a bum looking for money. With their help I realized that I can be anything I want to be and I can pursue any dream that comes to me, even if it fails at least I will be able to say I had the courage to go out and try my hardest to get what I wanted.
One of my quotes that come to mind when I think of these two teachers “for every rose there is a thorn, but being pricked doesn’t always draw blood” I’m the rose with the thorn that they fearlessly grabbed, most teachers would see a child who needed help, but not reach out to help them. I hate when people look at me as if I’m some poor unfortunate soul because I’m not poor when it comes to knowledge and I’m not unfortunate when it comes to having a future, I know what I will do with my life and I know what I’m going to become and I have both Mrs. Strader and Mrs. Montague to thank for showing me that I can blossom and be all I can even if all odds are against me, I have to work for what I really want and in the end the reward will be mine, and a great reward it will be when everyone is proved wrong about me.

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