Conditions for an Upset Stomach and Mind

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

I’ve always known that it was possible to feel so upset that your stomach would churn and you would want to throw up. In fact, I was all too familiar with the feeling. Still, it came to a surprise to me as I bent over, heaving, that it could actually happen.
I wiped my mouth and, knees shaking, straightened. I was all too aware of my sweat drenched body and my white face, sticky with snot.
It’s funny how you think you’re over something, when something as small as a familiar looking cab-driver can yank you back. You never know how much some things affect you until you find yourself puking your guts out at the thought of it.
It wasn’t him, I’m sure now. He was British, and young; a couple of years older than me, but still, young. And this guy wasn’t, he was just another cab driver. Still, his small eyes were reminiscent of his beady, dark ones, and his small face and chin were already contorting into his sneer in my mind’s eye. And before I knew it I had been jerked back to that night, smelling alcohol and smoke, as he pulled me into that empty parking lot…
And I got out of the cab, and my stomach was churning, and before I knew it I was violently throwing up on the side of the road.

The author's comments:
A reaction to a disturbing personal experience.

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