Two Friends

September 29, 2011
Girls say they want to be friends and boys say theyll always b there. But what happens when they arent there? Are you suppose to just for get n try to repair what just happened. Why not just lose the emotional relationship and move on? I mean shyt. All yer gunna do is hurt someone else bc yer not gunna b happy intil yu cn make both sides happy. That dnt work when yu got one dude wanting you and another wishing he nvr lost yu.
Yu cnt waste yer life wonderin wat if make a difference and pick who yu want to be the dude who wants yu to change or the dude who makesyu smile n hasnt let yu down yet. Dnt waste it let yer heart get a break and try fresh if the old wants old shyt.
Life is a flower
Let yur roots plant
Let yer leaves grow
And let yur pedals shine(:
~ kim

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