September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Being pulled over at the age of ten can be a very memorable experience. It was a summer day in July. I was with a bunch of relatives at the lake. We all decided to go tour a John Deere plant in Des Moines where a relative works. The day started off great. I jumped into my great aunt Ronnie’s car along with a cousin in the front seat and one to my left. We were off driving on Highway 520. By this time my cousins and I were getting bored. We began to mess around with random stuff until I found a “send help” sign behind the seat. What are three kids under the age of thirteen going to do with that? Of course put it up in the windows. All of us were doing it laughing and having fun. It was even funnier to see a guy’s reaction next to us when we were doing it. We thought it was funny but he seriously thought we needed help. He sped by us then would fall back behind. He did this probably three times on Interstate 35. The last time he did this he was on his cell phone. We had no idea what this guy was doing and my aunt had no idea what was going on. Five minutes later a cop sped past us and just stayed in front of us. Three Highway Patrol came from behind us. We pulled over with the rest of our family behind us. The cop came up and asked my aunt a million questions. Then he asked us if we were kidnapped. We said no. He came back to me and made me cry; at this point I knew I was in trouble. The cop said,” You don’t understand how serious something like this is.” I was now bawling and wanting to go home more than ever. He finally stopped talking at me and we continued to the John Deere plant. I didn’t have a penalty except the humiliation I had to deal with every time someone would bring it up the next few years. At the age of ten being pulled over can be unforgettable.

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