R.I.P Sloan

September 28, 2011
By JustTheGirlInTheTie BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
JustTheGirlInTheTie BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
\"Just Be\"

Orange; vibrant and strong, just like the girl we wear it for. It's the reason i cut my hair in a pixie cut last April all for her, one of my first real friends at AG. The girl who started a fan club for Kurt Hummel from Glee and slapped someone at Scarwinds and told me "SHHH! Don't tell the people who work there!!!!". I Cut my hair for that beautiful smile I had never seen her without. She was cursed with this terrible luekimia at 13, but was determined to 'Push through it'. To her it was just another challenge, another thing she had to overcome and we all looked up to her for it. She still had the same witty sarcastic humor I loved about her even in her weakest and most vunerable times. She IS my hero. You hear that Sloan? YOU ARE MY HERO! Thats the reason I wear a bracelet with her name on it so when people ask me, "Who's that?" I can tell them her story
P.S. Have fun in heaven and remember me. I Love You

The author's comments:
this i posted on her hospital blog. she died on monday. im still crying. i love you girlie

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