The Fork

September 28, 2011
By justin carpenter BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
justin carpenter BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
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A lot of kids would have spent $225 on a new ipod or a new pair of boots, but I spent it on something I broke. Let me tell you my story.
It was a hot day on the farm when I started the day mixing the bottles for the calves. As I walked up to the barn my boss told me to get the Bobcat out and feed some silage to the cows. So I put the silage out and feed the calves. I hopped on the Gator and went and brought the cows in. As I walked into the milk room I started milking and when I finished I went to the barn to get the tractor and started feeding hay to the cows. After the third or fourth hay bale, on my last hay bale I was turning the corner around the barn and I clipped the concrete wall. It sounded like a canon going off right beside me. As I walked down to the milk house I thought that I was getting fired for sure. As I told my boss what happened to the fork on the tractor he started jumping my a**

He yelled, “How the he** did you break the d** pitch fork”.

I said, “I was Turing then and the fork hit the wall.”

He walks outside to the garage to get another worker to finish cleaning the milk house. As I got in the truck and was heading to Southern States, to get a new fork, it was in complete silence. I kept thinking to myself, I was getting fired. All I had to do is put the new one on and pay for it , but I did not get fired. I learned to be careful more when working.

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