Never Assume Anything!

September 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Have you ever broke something and been afraid to tell your parents? Like something really expensive like a four-wheeler for say. Well that’s were my story begins. My niece Willa and I decided we were going to go out for a nice four-wheeler ride on this not raining but sunny day. You see Willa had come down for a week and it had rained the first 3 days she was there so since it was sunny we were very happy. We though that the ride was going to be a fun ride but that’s when we learned to stop thinking!
This day was like any other day Willa and I had decided to go for a four-wheeler ride with me driving of course! Because if I would let Willa drive she would always wind up throwing me off. This day we were planning on doing something we have done a thousand times. We go across the creek and up the hill on the other side. But this turned out to be different, very different. The day started with us waking up around noon typical teenager’s right. But you have to understand it doesn’t matter if Willa gets 2 hours of sleep or 10 she is always in a BAD MOOD! But once she wakes up a good 30 minuets later she is good to go. Then she said “Mikayla, Can we go for a ride on the four-wheeler?”
I said “Ok”. So we walked out the front door and started heading down to the building were my dad keeps the four-wheelers.
When we got to the building Willa climbed on first because she was sitting on the back and then I climbed on and backed the four-wheeler out of the building. Then we headed toward the front field were our favorite path to ride is. We went up and down the path about 20 times. Then we decided to go back because even though the sun was it, it was still very cold out. I went back up the path to the opening were the creek is and then turned in to the creek and up the hill on the other side at least that’s what I had planned on doing. Needless to say we didn’t make it up the hill on the other side in fact we didn’t even make it to the hill.
We started through the icy cold creek and then all of a sudden heard CRACKING or SNAPING sound. I thought we had just hit a stick so I gave it the gas. T he four-wheeler didn’t budge. I jumped off the four-wheeler into the icy cold water. I looked under the four-wheeler and I could tell something was wrong but I didn’t know what it was that had snapped. So I told Willa we had to walk home. We started back up to the house. By the time we got there we were frozen. We walked in the back door and went straight to my room. We went there to try to figure out how we were going to tell my dad we had broken the four-wheeler and it wouldn’t move. I decided that we better tell him before he walked out side and the four-wheeler wasn’t there but I was afraid he was going to yell.
So I walked into the living room and said “ Dad, I got something I gotta tell ya”
He said “what”
I said “the four-wheeler is in the creek in the front field and it won’t move”
He said “are you girls alright?”
I said “Yeah no one was hurt “
He said “Good, that’s all I’m worried about we can replace a four-wheeler but we cant replace you girls”
I learned something that day it was never to assume anything. I thought my dad was going to be really mad and yell at me but he wasn’t he just was glad no one was hurt. I also learned never to take life for granted because we could have gotten hurt bad if we were in a different spot when the four-wheeler broke. But we didn’t and I’m thankful for that.

The author's comments:
It an experience my niece Willa and I had

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Nice, but it took forever for you to get into the actual story, and you used the word "four-wheeler" A LOT. Keep writing

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