Drunk and On The Run

September 28, 2011
By Anonymous

It was about eight o’clock in the morning on a Saturday, about middle of July. My buddy Boone called’, woke me up and said, “hey man, me and some boys are going riding, we jus figured we’d see if u wanted to go”. He said that they had a ton of beer, and that we’d be home some where around eleven that night. I figured that I was going to get in trouble some how for drinking, but it sounded like a killer time so I went for it anyways.

So around nine-thirty Boone brought his truck and trailer down to my house so we could load up the quads and head over to Martin Hauler. When we got there, the other boys already had their bikes out and were ready to go, so I loaded up the coolers on my four-wheeler and we left to start riding. Everyone was having a pretty good time especially me, I was the only one that day who didn’t get stuck once, so my confidence was up and I was trying every hole that we came across. For the most part, we was all somewhat drunk, it was getting late and needed to be getting home, so we loaded up and left.

It was a little bit after eleven when we got to my friend “Bradley’s” house. Bradley lived on the top of the road, and I figured that I would jus have Boone drop me off there then I would stay the night there since neither him or his parents never care. So I went ahead and told Boone to leave since he had to go pick up his girlfriend from work. I wasn’t thinking to check and see if anyone was home at Bradley’s house before he left, and sure enough, no one was home, and on top of all that my phone was dead and I had no way to call to have someone come and get me or tell Boone to come back. Rite then I knew that I was pretty much screwed, but there was nothing that I could do about it.

I knew for a fact that I’ve already had too much to drink tonight, but I couldn’t just sleep outside of my buddy’s house. I did have a four wheeler with a full tank of gas and that seemed like the only way that I was going to get home that night, so I started her up and made my way down Orangeburg road. On my way to my papaws house in downtown Maysville, I was passing county barn hauler down by the cemetery. When I did, I seen a cop car sitting off to the side of the road getting fuel. With me being drunk, I freaked out and started to run. As I was going down a gravel lane that I’ve been on a million times, with blue lights and loud sirens behind me, I turned off my lights and smashed into a bobbed wire fence that jus got put up there three weeks before then. Next thing that I know I’m getting picked up from behind the neck, slammed on my head and slapped in cuffs. So I get put into the arresting officers car and taken down to the police station where I failed my breathalyzer test.

I ended up having to go to court for all of this and got slapped with four charges. Fleeing and evading, operating A.T.V without headgear, operating A.T.V on roadway, and finally the D.U.I. After all of this went down, I believe that this was a lesson well learned, and is something that I will never even think about doing again. Now I know, that it is never good to drink and drive.

The author's comments:
it is a real life experience i had so it was easy to tell about

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