To the girl who dropped me!

September 16, 2011
By Anonymous

You had my life in your hands!
Tied into your harness, I trusted you. When I was sad you lifted me up, when i was sad you cheered me up. So why did you drop me so hard!

You had me climbing to your heart. With all my heart I trusted you, then you dropped me. Am I too outgoing for you, did you find someone else, was I just not the right fit? I could have roped into any other girl, but I chose you instead. My grades suffered for you, my dreams suffered for you, my life suffers becasue of you. Why did you drop me?

My heart was fragile, my personality gullible and you knew that and still you lead me on. I'm a man who leaves the toilet seat up, doesn't take crap from anyone, and surely won't shed a tear when I'm hurt, but you changed me and I became soft. So why, Why, WHY, WHY DID YOU DROP ME. I fall for you! Who are you falling for?

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