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September 28, 2011
By kaley BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
kaley BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
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“Have you heard the rumors going around the school?” I replied with “No what rumors are you talking about.”Walking into school wondering why everyone is staring at you is embarrassing. That is what happened to me after a three day weekend walked into school went to homeroom to meet up with my friends, but instead of me going to talk to her she came to me with some news about the rumors going around school.
We were talking in the hallway for a while before the bell rang to go to our first block class. I told her about my weekend with my friends, and when I finished that was when she told me that my friend for six years was telling everyone at school that the only reason I have friends is because I have drugs and we like to do them together. Of course that is not true and I freaked out. My friend tried to calm me down, but nothing was working. I got so mad that I texted my mom to tell her what happened. She left work early to come and get me from school.
We sat down with the school principal and told her what was going on and she said “I will let you leave school and I will talk to her about what she is doing.” When I got home I had a text from my friend asking me where I was because we would sit together at the lunch table. When I told her that I left she asked me why. I said, “Because if I don’t leave I will get in a fight with her,” and I didn’t want to get suspended for a week for someone that is not worth my time. She understood what I was saying, and I didn’t text her back because I went to go to sleep. When I woke up I checked my phone and I had a text from her saying that it wasn’t her that said all the stuff and she heard it from someone else. Of course I didn’t believe her because it wasn’t the first time that she talked about me behind my back. I ignored her text and showed it to my mom and dad and they told me not to talk to her and just ignore her. They told me that if she keeps on saying stuff about me that we were going to talk to her parents about it.
After I stayed home when I went back to school the next day things were much better. I ignored her like my parents said to and didn’t talk to her or even go near her. After a few days all the rumors were over and my friends and I were hanging out every weekend like we used to. When things went back to normal my friends and I realized that even people you have been friends with for a while can do things to hurt you and make you feel like less of a person.
After all the rumors were gone my friend and I noticed that not being friends with her I was a much happier person. We think that she was the reason that I was so depressed and never wanted to be by anyone. I even noticed that I became more relaxed and in a much better mood every day. I now know that some people do not me to hurt and others do it to build their self-esteem. She was one of those people that did it to build her self-confidence without even caring who she was hurting in the process.

I learned a lot that day. My dad always told me to never let your guard down because if you do you may get hurt, and in that moment when I did that was when I got hurt. I now know that my dad was right and some people you can trust and there are always others that you have to pay attention to. She just happened to be the one I thought I could trust with my life but I happened to misjudge her. The day the rumor went around school I lost a friend, but also gained many in the process. All friends come and go but the ones I have now I’m hoping to keep for the rest of my life.

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