Put down the cake... Now.

September 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Scales. Who likes them, right? If you do, i have an easy conclusion about you: You're crazy. With all the media hype about being skinny, it's hard to eat that piece of chocolate cake without feeling guilty. True, it probably won't make your stomach explode with fat but it also isn't doing anything for those love handles. Almost everybody is self conscious when they step onto a scale. Even the supermodels. Why would they have to be self conscious, you ask? They're already stick skinny, they don't need to be worrying about their weight. True, but there's always that stressful moment when you're looking down at the scale. The moment when you seriously regret having that Ben & Jerry's or, if you're a supermodel, that extra carrot stick. Honestly, i dread going to the doctor's office just because they have to weigh you. Although you can dodge the doctor's office, avoid buying a scale, and break all the mirrors in your house, not only will you have years of bad luck, but eventually everything will catch up to you. How? Media.

It's everywhere. Commercials, specifically, hound you about needing to lose those 5 extra pounds. It's extra hard on teenagers. Even though most commercials are geared towards adults, they aren't the only ones who watch tv. Eating disorders are a huge problem with teenagers today. I suffered from it two years ago, when i was thirteen. That has to tell you something about the pressures to be skinny. When you look up at those people on tv, all probably a size 0, why wouldn't you want to look like that? I mean, showing ribs and being able to see your spine through your shirt is totally attractive. Not. As hard as it is, you just need to stop worrying about your weight because the only person who cares about it is you. If somebody makes a comment about your weight, they're too worried about their own thunder thighs so they need to take it out on you. Now, the most common response is to just "eat healthy". But really, who enjoys salads with no dressing and, wait for this, fresh celery for dessert! Once again, if you do, you're crazy.

For the normal people out there, enjoy that chocolate cake. In fact, eat the whole cake! Eat it like there's no tomorrow because there might not be if you die from obesity. So, actually, forget what i just said about eating the whole cake. Maybe just cut out a little slice because nobody can forget the other rule of 'dieting': "just eat everything in moderation". As hard as it seems to put down that extra slice of pizza, you an do it. Trust me, it get's easier. And not all healthy food is gross. Eat a salad every now and then, it doesn't mean you can't have dressing with it, or, shh... bacon bits. Be responsible with your eating but don't starve yourself.

The author's comments:
In today's society, being thin is in. There's a lot of pressure on girls especially to be skinny. I know because I deal with it all the time. So here's an article to let you know... it's okay to eat ice cream every once and awhile.

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