The Life of Music

September 23, 2011
By Annie Dai BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Annie Dai BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The person who has influenced my life the most has been my grandmother, Henrietta. While she has only lived with me for several months, those months are etched in my mind. Henrietta, who lives in China, visited me for one year when I was six years old. Henrietta not only taught me life lessons, she also gave me the gift of music. One day, she suggested I start to play the violin. The violin became a part of me for the following year. When she left, the violin did not seem interesting anymore. Closing the violin case for the next three years, I soon forgot about it. In the fourth grade, my family and I went to China to visit Henrietta, since she was sick. Upon arriving at her house, I saw that age had taken a toll on her. Apparently, Henrietta had cancer twenty years ago, which affected her legs. Her legs finally shattered and were infected. Over the next couple of months I saw her, there were always tears in her eyes. Henrietta spoke of the fact that even if she did make it, I probably would not see her until a long time, since we lived so far apart. Realizing the truth of this, the hospital quickly became my second home. From right when I woke up, until the end of visiting hours, I was always found by my grandmother’s sick bed. After leaving, I was thinking about doing something special for her. Therefore, I picked up the violin again. Aside from layers of dust on my violin, nothing was changed, except for me. From that trip, I realized that things can change in a second and that nothing should be taken for granted. After a month of practicing, I finally played a song for Henrietta. Overjoyed by this, Henrietta told me that it meant tremendously to her and I should enjoy violin for the rest of my life. Even though it has been six years since I talked to her in person, I still carry the life lessons that I learned. I continue to play a song for her every Sunday, and most important of all, the gift of music is still with me, becoming the background of my life.

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