Let's Not Stress

September 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Many things can make our lives stressful school, work, extra activities, friends, and family. This week I have been stressing because I have a religion test and for some reason religion is the subject that I am doing worst in. This test is going to be really hard and of course I have waited for the last minute to study. I believe that most of the time I do better on a test if I actually prepare. Most of the time I am too stubborn to do this but it really helps. Every night take ten to twenty minutes and just go over your notes, trust me you might think that it is a waste of time but it actually works. Then when the test comes you don't have to learn everything you already know it and you just review it.

Extra activities can be hard and can also be a factor in your school stress. I play basketball but we are not allowed to practice until October. Until then we have to do conditioning three times a week three to five but also two days a week of practice with a trainer from eight to nine. This gets into the way of my studying plans and makes me more stressed than ever. It makes me only want to do the written homework and not the rest, but we really need to stick to a schedule and study every night if you want to achieve good grades. Extra activities are fun and a good stress reliever so we need to keep this balanced in are life. But sometimes especially in higher level sports it is hard. We all just need to remember that school comes first.

Friends can put a heavy toll on life. It is important to have friends and a social life because this can take some of the weight off of your school stress but it too can be stressful. I know that this is a cliche but is is true. Friends sometimes do make it a little harder because of all the clicks and things. I know this one girl who is having a hard time with some of her friends so she comes and sits with us. The stress of this can be so bad that people do commit suicide. Now let's talk about boys. People can get stressed over boys but there nothing to get stressed about there just boys. The best thing to do about this situation is when something like this happens to just get a close friend and talk about it. Im sure they can help and relieving this problem just helps a lot.

Family is a very important part of life but we all know that they can get on our nerves. They can be very stressful. Especially when when you think they have an expectation for you. The thing we have to remember is that, they love and care for us. Also that their expectation might be a bit lower then we think. In conclusion if you manage your stress levels you will improve your day. Managing stress can help you to sleep better which is over all a good thing.

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