Young Love

September 23, 2011
By sophomore_year BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
sophomore_year BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
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Imagine two little kids running around. A boy and girl both two years old. His name was Brian and her name was Abigail. They were best friends, they were always with each other. When they turned five they went to different schools so they were not always with each other anymore. They made new friends, and started to drift apart as they got older. When they were ten Brian's mom started to make him dance again like he did when we has younger. He was put in the same class as Abigail. They got to see each other more and more. By this time Abigail went by Abbie and she got taller. She also realized that there was nothing gross about boys. Abbie and Brian got close again and they started to have class everyday of the week. When they were twelve they both had to do a a dance with lots of girls and the way it was choreographed all the other girls wanted Brian and Abbie was the girl that did not want him but Brian wanted her. They never thought anything about it until one day Abbie's mom and Brian's mom were talking about how they always thought that they were going to date. Brian and Abbie overheard this and they did not think that it was every going to be true. That year was when Abbie got her first boyfriend when Brian found out he was jealous but nobody knew but him. Abbie and her boyfriend only dated off and on for a month but no one was happier then Brian was. What he did not know was a guy asked Abbie out two weeks after her and her boyfriend broke up. Abbie said yes because he had been liking him for a while. They dated for nine months though and Brian felt discouraged until Abbie broke up with her boyfriend randomly and no one except Abbie knew that it was because she liked Brian and she could not hide it anymore from her boyfriend. Brian was stoked to hear the news about Abbie and her boyfriend. Abbie started to get really close to Brian again like they used to be. Brian kept getting nervous every time he was going to ask her out. Finally one day he got up enough courage to ask her. He asked her at a dance competition. He went up behind her and picked her up and he then asked her if she would go out with him. She was in shock. It did not register what he had just asked her. He thought she was going to say no so he got a sad look on his face but all of a sudden she yelled yes. He then got this sparkle in his eyes and a big smile on his face. Which made Abbie's face light up also. After a while their friends came up to them and it did not take them long to figure it out because of their huge smiles. Brian's little sister went and told his mom while they were talking to their friends. They did not plan on telling their parents right away becuase they did not know who they would react. After his sister told his mom she came up to him and told him they he is not allowed to date becuase he is to young. At this time she was fourteen and he was thirteen, she's three months and eleven days older then him. Abbie was not with him when his mom told him this but she found out a few minutes later because Brian's sister came and found her and told Abbie everything. Abbie was so upset she did not know what to do. She really cared about Brian but she did not want to go against what his mom and told him. All she wanted to do was cry and that is what she did. She ran to the girl's bathroom and cried no body knew where she was. Finally after crying and knowing what she had to do she fixed her make up and walked out of the bathroom to find Brian standing outside the door waiting for her. She had to say what she was thinking before she lost the nerve. So she told him everything that was on her mind. She said," you know that I really like you but I do not think this is going to work out because your mom does not want us together and we need to respect her decision on that." He looked at her with this confused face and responded to her by saying," I get that but to tell you the truth I do not care what my mom says all I know is I want to be with you!" That day was the beginning of an amazing relationship for them. They are still dating they just made one year and four months.

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