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September 15, 2011
By NotButchCoolidge GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
NotButchCoolidge GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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This is to the people who think that they don't need to use their turn signals in their cars: what is so hard about using it? It is literally two inches away from your finger, I understand YOU know where you are going, but I DON'T know where you are going. If you feel like changing lanes at the last second and slapping on your brakes the least you could do is let me know you are coming over so I can actually give myself time to stop. Oh, we are coming to a turn and forward only lane: I'm keeping my speed and I'm going foreword, but you the person in front of me have a broken brake light and you don't feel like turning your signal on and all of a sudden I think you are keeping your speed and changing lanes but instead you are turning and slowing down and all of a sudden I'm on the brakes trying not to smash into the back of you. Also to all the people who SEE my turn signal on: DON'T SPEED UP! Does it really matter if you have one extra person in front of you? AND because you sped up I missed my turn and now I have to find a different way to my destination or try and get over in time to make a u-turn and turn after I back track. You don't need to get anywhere in your daily commute any faster than anyone else, if you need to speed to get to where you are going then you should have left earlier, if you think you are going to be late to a place you have to go every day you should have known when you should have left. You have to give yourself enough time to get stuff done and not be late. Don't be stupid, you are not the only one on the road.

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