September 15, 2011
By Anonymous

I got off the yellow school bus. I ran to my house. My mom had vanished. I got to my homework in the excitement that I could check my email when I finished. “Done!” I said aloud. I walked to the computer and clicked on the email icon. A smile spread on my face I had my own email I didn’t have to use my mom’s anymore. It even had my name in it! I had 1 unread mail, I let out an excited yelp. I didn’t think people would find out my email that quick. I opened the document, my smile dropped and my eyes opened so wide they could catch a bug. The words that were on the screen were cruel. I was amazed. The words that were in my face were definitely words not in my vocabulary.
Tears filled my eyes and escaped like a waterfall cascading down a cliff. But I knew that if I told my mom about this bully’s actions my brand new exciting email would vanish right before my eyes. This person, soccergurl11 did not like me. But I wouldn’t let this person ruin my day. So I swallowed and wiped my face. I plastered a smile on my face and deleted the email, trying my best to delete it from my mind. The worst thing was is that they kept coming. Day after day the emails came and day after day my vocabulary expanded with vicious words.
I finally broke down after 6 days. Having feelings bottled up inside really takes a toll on you. So once my mom and dad got home from work that day, I let all the sad feelings come out. The hurt and pain came out to and I found myself crying. When I finished I sniffled a little and got a direct question from my mom
“Where are these emails?” she demanded. My face fell and realized that I had stupidly deleted all the evidence
“ I deleted them,” I whispered, a frown formed on my face in disappointment.
My mom realized the look on my face and assured me that they can find the emails. With a couple of clips of a button the first email popped up on the screen. The pain and hurt that had settled deep down inside made its way back into my mind. My dad and mom read email after email and by the end of this pattern I was again in tears. My mom looked to me and said
“It will be fine, we can get through it”

Looking back at that moment I figured I learned a lot about myself. After my mom said that phrase we went on the search. My dad started by emailing soccergurl11 saying that he would go to the police if this kept up. This person, who ended up being a group of people, emailed back cursing my dad. So he called the police and found the server. This family was disappointed with my mother and me for “telling on them.” My mom who told an older sister to take down a poster and me for…. who knows what. But we took care of all this over my best friends, Ben and Jerry. The funny thing is, is that Harper and I (the girl whose family bullied me) are good friends now and joke about our immaturity back then. But all in all if you are being bullied tell someone because it gets better.

**The girls’s name is not Harper I am just using a phony name.

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