Dare Devil

September 14, 2011
By Angelicajoy__ GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Angelicajoy__ GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Face down into the freezing snow may have been the only way I could have learned a lesson. Winning isn’t everything, but before “The Dare” I never would of understood that saying more clearly. Around the end of August, a week before school snuck up on South Plainfield’s youth, you could almost kiss the frozen air. Snow came early this year with its full aggression. My best friend Luke came up with a brilliant idea to have a slumber party. We set up all day, him and I, dragging cumbersome blow up beds and endless piles of games, music, and snacks to his gaudy den. By six the den was complete and at least ten close friends were arriving shortly. As soon as Luke brought down the bottle I started to smile, an instinct that I have taken to ever since sixth grade. Knowing good and well that the people Luke and I had invited moments ago had quite “vivid” imaginations, I ignored the fact that what I was about to do was going to be the most embarrassing yet funniest moments of my life. A moment I could never learn to ever repeat, no matter how great the dare.

I was never known for being a person to get embarrassed. I did things rather stupid at times but I never would look back and feel regretful of it. As soon as my friends arrived we all played ding dong ditch, watched scary movies, and pigged out. The night was slowly coming to a stop and board games were beginning to bore us all. I instantly suggested Truth or Dare. We played nearly three rounds and the bottle never spun on me, I was starting to get frustrated. Finally a girl named Maryann decided to spin. The bottle spun in agenizing circles, quick and then coming to a halt, right between my leg and Luke’s leg. Luke gave the turn to me, he was always known for being polite. Maryann pulled off a sneaky smirk; a look the devil couldn’t top. The circle became quiet and everyone stared at Maryann’s mouth, waiting for my death sentence. “Truth or Dare?” Maryann asked in her raspy voice. I looked around the room, eyeing every guest in the circle, then sat up straight and said “Dare”. I was waiting for a dare to eat something gross, lick someone’s foot, anything but what was about to be said. “I dare you to strip down into your undergarments and run outside into the snow to the new neighbor’s porch.” Everyone now was smiling knowing my answer was going to be yes, but at that moment a thick layer of cockiness came over me and I had to ruin the dare. “How about I even ring the doorbell, wait for a moment, and then run?” The room went silent again and Maryann agreed. I stood up and began the walk to destruction, with my chin up and a smile on my face, unaware of what was to become of me.

The author's comments:
Looking back on a freshman year :) Ive done some crazy things

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