September 6, 2011
By Anonymous

I ran to the bathroom thinking of how much I hated food. I went into the second stall,closed the door, stuck my finger into my throat and I threw up. I knew my parent would be mad but who cares, right? I felt refreshed after I barfed out everything I had eaten in the past 2 hours.

I went back to class and everybody was staring at me. I had no i dea why so I just sat down. My teacher told me she needed to talk to me out in the hallway so i just went to see what she needed to talk about. When we got out there she said, " Sweetie im gonna get you help" i replied to her ,"for what?" although I already knew. She called my mom during lunch and my mom balled. She thought she could trust me in school but she obviously she couldn't. My mother got over to the school ASAP. She took me to the doctor right away and i was admitted to the Eating Disorder unit. This was not a very exiting experience, because they stuck me with needles for blood, medicine, and worst of all food. Before they did all that they weighed me. 59lbs a 59 pounded 15 year old that's crazy! I gained weight like crazy after being in the hospital for only a week! I was assigned to a health specialist, a nutritionist and more. i did miss more than half of my freshman and sophomore year but i was okay! I still throw up occasionally and I could take all the advice i can get. Thank you!

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