My Cinderella Story

September 4, 2011
By Anonymous

This is the story about my life its non-fiction but it also has a hero in it and he's the greatest kind. My name is Maranda and I've been though more then any sixteen year old should. My story starts with my biological father James, When he was five his mother passed away. Now his father Eddie tricked her before she passed away she had gone blind first so he had her sign papers making her think she was singing them for James but really she was signing for Eddies soon to be wife to have the money. know were gonna skip ahead a little to when my mom met James. My mom was seventeen when she met hI'm he was charming and smart and interesting. they get married very quick. They were happy for a little bit but then my father started to show his real colors he was a cheater, a con-artist, and a liar. My mom new it wasn't going to last but she wanted something good from her marriage so she had me. will they ended up split up which is a good thing in my opinion. When i was two months old my father got arrested for murder he stabbed a girl named misty to death with another guy but i don't know his name. James was put to prison for life plus fifteen years no chance of getting out. My mom was raising me when she met Royce (i was about one years old) she met hI'm at a church group he was one of the leaders. he had two kids but could not stay with the women because she was a cheater. My mom started to fall for hI'm when she realized James had killed his friend Misty. But when she told Royce this he was not upset with her. Royce (aka my dad) told me about the first tI'me he met me I was one and my mother was picking me up from my aunt Caroline. I was in a horrible mood screaming and throwing a fit. When he turns around from the front seat and looks at me all stern and says know you stop that we don't take any of that around here, know he did not think I would stop but I did and I looked at hI'm all wide eyed, he says he fell in love with me first which always makes me laugh. It really amazed my mom because I did not get along with men unless they were my grandpa. my mom and dad ended up getting married and having my little sister charisma when I was three. Well Royce decided to adopt me which is a really good thing. But my father did not want this and fought it in court for nine years. During that tI'me had to start to see Julie and Eddie my "grandparents" during this tI'me I was abused by them. I'm part of the reason that grandparents don't have rights which I feel bad for the ones that are good and deserve to see there grandchildren, but there are ones out there who should not be allowed. During all of this my mother snapped and now has mental disability's I love her all the same. In the end i had to testify so I could be adopted I was twelve. They had asked me if i wanted to do it in the judges chamber or in front of everyone i did it in front of everyone I wanted my father to see I did not love hI'm but I love Royce and he is my father and my hero.

The author's comments:
this is a watered down story of my life, know when you read this you'll feel bad for me but don't everything that's happened has made me who i am and I'm glad

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