Track and Field Meeting

August 31, 2011
By BigDes BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
BigDes BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
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I remember it as if it was just a year ago. I had had a bad day at school, but that very day was the day I was going to throw the shot put for the second time. I was so happy that I was going to be able to throw, even though I had had a bad day at school, I was still going to stay positive. The night before the day of the Track Meet I had called my Big Bro. Daniel and had asked him to come and see me throw. A little bit after school I headed outside with the team and got warmed up. Then we went to the discus ring. I then sat down while everybody else started to throw the discus (the reason I wasn’t throwing the discus was because the coaches said that I could just throw the shot put if that’s what I wanted to do!). After a long time of sitting there by myself and not doing anything Daniel came walking onto the field and sat next to me. A little bit later we went to the shot put arena and the team and I started to practice throwing the shot put. I had thrown at least three or four times before the shot put part of the meet even began. I had felt that I actually stood a chance of doing pretty well in the whole meet. Finally the shot put part of the meet started and I was throwing first. So I picked up a shot put and threw it as hard as I could. The outcome was that I had thrown 32-34 feet all of my three to four throws and I had placed 8th out of sixteen in the shot put part of the meet. Then my Big Bro. left and my mom asked if I could leave, but I really didn’t know and so I had to ask the coaches. Then the coaches said,” Yes, you can leave.” So I left. After we had gotten into the car my mom said that,” We are going out to eat to celebrate my big accomplishment. As soon as we had gotten to the light right before McDonalds the car broke down. My mom didn’t even have to tell me to get out and push because as soon as the car died I had already started to get out of the car to push it. At this point in time I was still wearing the Track and Field shorts. While I was pushing the car I had looked back behind me and seen a older guy looking at my butt and I mean he was just starring wantonly at my butt. So then we were at McDonalds and then my mom tried to start the car and it worked. So then we had driven to the Subway. While we were walking towards the Subway and a bunch of girls seen me in the Track and field shorts. They just couldn’t help but to laugh at me and at that time I wished that I had of put on regular pants. After getting laughed at and being starred at by an older man I had finally made it into the Subway. My family and I had ordered a lot of stuff because I was really hungry after burning off so many calories by sweating and just being physically active. I ate like a hog and then we left subway and headed home. We made it home finally and since I had had a really busy day I went straight to bed. That night I didn’t have to worry about homework because before the Track and Field Meet I done my homework. So right as soon as I went to my room and got onto my bed I fell right asleep. While I was asleep I dreamed about that exact same day I had just had, but in my dream the day went so much better because in my dream I had went up a couple of spots in the shot put part of the Meet and when the car had died I was wearing pants and there was no older dude looking at my butt. Then in my dream when we had finally made it to the Subway I still had on pant and so that means that there was no girls laughing at me, instead the were just standing there and so I went over to them and started to talk to them. We were all having a blast. After a long time of talking I went into Subway and joined my mom and sisters and ate dinner. Then we went home and as soon as we stepped foot in the door I had woken up from my dream. And that ended up being my day and night. It might have been a long day and night, but it was my favorite day and night. It was as good as a school day and night could ever get.

The author's comments:
This is a true story and I would know.

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