Dear Summer,

August 28, 2011
By Falcie BRONZE, Hong Kong, Other
Falcie BRONZE, Hong Kong, Other
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You gave me blue skies with fluffy clouds, the picture-perfect ideal image of Summer. You gave me the blistering sun; a ball of fire that crossed the line between tanning and burning and the reason for the sweat that ran down everyone's arms and made physical contact nauseating. You doubled the electricity bill during the last few months; money going into hours spent sitting in front of the air-conditioner as we happily contributed to global warming for the price of staying comfortably cool.

You gave me a change in friendship groups and I found people I did not actually despise for a change. You gave new trips and memories stored digitally in Facebook albums with quirky names and a full stomach at the end of the day. Inside jokes and long-winded stories that were severely unfunny to all but ourselves. Rainbow cakes and alcohol-induced bubbly feelings that had us giggling like idiots. IKEA trips and deep conversations concerning nice topics that I cannot remember.

You gave me nights out with frauded pieces of paper and that awful sinking feeling in my stomach. The absolute joy and hilarity that only comes when two of your friends hook up. Bruises on my leg that faded and would come back with a vengeance in the same spot the very next week. Kisses at night that led to awkward encounters in the morning and the whispers and giggles and knowing looks that come from all of friends of the involved parties and the "Dear Drunk Me, I Hate You," mental notes you would scrawl in the morning.

You gave me a hard heart in dealing with patience and a higher tolerance for dealing with annoying. Witty retorts that only came to me about five hours too late and copy-paste sessions on skype where we dissected every line. You gave me skype sessions which turned into impromptu duets to Katy Perry songs and I played guitar and made the video call recipient sing along. Whiny texts that I replied to with disdain and then would laugh about later with my girl friends as girls do.

You gave me a future in the form of my results arriving and a place at my university and something to look forward to. Lists of things to buy and things to do Things I Promise I'll Be By The Time University Starts But Probably Not Because I Suck At This Kind Of S***. You gave me a flutters that went away as soon as it came and turned my likes into dislikes and my hates into loves.

You gave me a reason to look forward to Autumn and Winter. Upcoming upheavals and a complete new location. A new lifestyle and new people and something different than the mundane repetition of my past seventeen years. Same old same old.

You gave me a different summer this year than last and the year before. An end to my final school year and a break after exams. Three transition months between high school and university and before I leave my home forever. Sad Goodbyes to my nearest and dearest and Fond Farewells to the people I thankfully won't have to see again. Good memories that outweigh the bad ones and content topic for a cheesy article to paste on my blog. In all: not too bad. I guess.

The author's comments:
As the summer is starting to end, it's probably fitting I write something about it.

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