August 28, 2011
By Sorla_the_Space_Cowboy GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
Sorla_the_Space_Cowboy GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
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We felt the train beneath us when we sat on the bridge. It was a nice feeling, the air rushing by and the loudest noise from the engine exploding against the sides of the tunnel. We had seen the lights at first, but it still hadn’t prepared us to the earth shaking feeling of being on top of a train. Many people have asked me how to train hop. There’s no right way, just a wrong way. The wrong way would be to jump on the engine, you need to jump on a train car that is very square and has all the chains and ladders to cling to. If you don’t, you have missed the first step, and will have likely died. That’s what happened to the Murphy’s oldest son. He jumped to early and he jumped to his death. Once you get on however, you can’t get off until the commuter rail stops at it’s next destination. It takes around 15 minutes, with you screaming at the top of your lungs, clinging to unsecured ladders, having the time of your life without anyone noticing. They never notice. That’s what makes it so fun. We sit at the bridge for hours on end, getting stoned and waiting for the train. Lots of things happen there, nothing to legal, nothing to outrageous. Except for when we ride the trains. We walk there at night, and sometimes there are other teenagers there to. We say hi, but we ignore them, because they don’t play our game. They continue to do whatever it was they were doing, sometimes it’s drugs, sometimes it’s taking shots of their parent’s whisky, and sometimes it’s beating the crap out of each other. Then we see the train flying by, and we take the plunge. The other kids always stop what they are doing, and wave to us with smiles across their hard faces. For they understand, that beneath our danger and craving for adrenalin, we are the most innocent ones there are. Jumping on trains for the ride to see where they take us.

The author's comments:
You're never to old to train hop!

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