The Breasts of an Ugly Duckling

August 27, 2011
By Anonymous

I used to hate my breasts. I started puberty really late. I even got my period for the first time ever at age 17. I couldn’t begin to even wear a bra until I was 15 years old. I always felt really insecure. All my friends were well rounded and I felt almost different. When a girl grows breasts it’s a sign that she’s growing up and I still felt like a kid. I knew shouldn’t make such a big deal but I was constantly worrying that I would never get a boyfriend because I had been told all they care about is how much fits in your bra. I’m 18 now… the age most girls are done growing and also the age guys keep growing. The problem is I kept growing taller. I felt like the ugly duckling. But then I remembered that the ugly duckling also was a baby swan. When the ugly duckling grew up beauty grew with him or her. I had never thought it would happen to me. My 25 year old sister is gorgeous! I admired her body and hoped to be similar. But during my year as a 17 year old, as I was staring into the mirror I realized that my bra didn't fit anymore. It was too small! It was just an A cup size bigger but it still made me feel a little proud. It gave me hope that I wasn’t a freak after all! But after a while the feeling of insecurity crawled back into my life. A few months later I had grew from an A cup to a B cup. It was a miracle! But I still wasn’t confident enough to admit that my body was normal. The way people looked at me meant everything to me in the past and it didn’t change until one day, I got a boyfriend. He was hot and sweet and everything a girl would have wanted. After hooking up one day and after I shyly had revealed my breasts to him. It was the first time I had shown any sexual kind of feelings for him. I blushed shyly, as he looked at them for a second. I began to ramble on. I told I’m how I knew I was flat chested and how I knew it was different and that he should judge me on who I am not my bra size. I even mentioned that I was just an ugly duckling and said that on the inside I really was a swan. I knew I shouldn’t have blurted out my ugly duckling story. I was really nervous. He was quiet. The corners of his lips twitched in amusement. Then he moved closer kissed me and while looking straight into my eyes he wispered, “I have never seen such a beautiful swan, inside and outside.” He kissed me briefly again and then said under his breath, “what ugly duckling? Where?” And as we continued to make-out romantically, I realized he had been sincere. I had always believed that romance began from appearances. I had always depended on the way others saw me instead of listening to my heart. But now I realize my breasts are now perfect for me, my body, and my heart. If anyone judges me because of my cup size then they have no value in my life and are simply shallow characterized individuals. People should love you for who you are whether you are a swan or not. Even a swan was once an ugly duckling. Not everyone one flourishes like a red rose in the same way. Some have thorns that protect them from getting hurt some have smooth stems. My breasts make me proud because they allowed me to wake up and realize that first of all, at least when I’m 80 I’ll still be walking around with perky boobs, perfect for me and not D cups that will hang below my waist, even if I could never be a swim suit model and second of all, opinions matter but my own matters the most. It just took someone special to tell me that I’ve been wrong all along. I am a swan!

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