It Was Cold.

August 25, 2011
By Anonymous

It was cold.
Real cold.
My younger sister sat in the front seat of that tiny green car.
December forth. Her birthday.
My other younger sister sat on the left side of the back seat and my dad was driving us to school.
He needed gas and planned to get some after he dropped us off.
I remember he and my mom talking about the business trip he had to go on that day.
Ugh, I hated when he left for those dumb trips.
I was reading my library book, as I usually am, and slowly fell asleep with my sister in the back.
It was a Tuesday... That meant gym today, gross.
Then, I was off dreaming...
Full on force hit me.
I woke up instantly.
My dad?
Why won't tell me everything is okay!?
My sister in the front?
Why is she screaming!?
My sister beside me?
Why are her eyes closed!?
Some lady with long, dark brown hair was trying to communicate with my dad.
He wasn't doing a good job communicating back.
I sat up more to see him and he had glass everywhere.
Wait... So did I?
What's going on?
Why can't I move my right arm?
Why is the "Birthday Girl" screaming?
A bunch of men and women rush to that little green car and peel of the doors with tools.
What's happening?
I'm gone. In another car.
No, my mistake. A van.
A big, white van.
"Where's my dad?"
"Don't worry. He'll be fine."
No, that wasn't my question. I asked where he was, I deserve an answer!
I was in the hospital?
My mom? Where's my mom?
There's my sisters.
But my parents? What happened?
Oh, there's Mom. Crying?
Shh... I hear him.
"Mom, where's Dad?"
Then I hear him again, "Where are my daughters?"
I didn't feel too good.
My arm really hurt...
My bone was out of it?
Then it was over.
The impact, the pain, the noise.
Everything stopped.
We had been in one of the most frightening accidents known to man.
Two cars crashed. Leaving one family, my family, alone.
Help us.
Just help us.
And He did.
God helped us.
God helped me.

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