Miracle Child

August 23, 2011
By glub123 BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
glub123 BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
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Miracles do happen to those who deserve them.

July of 2010 my mom finally asked the doctor why i wasn't growing and she said maybe the bone age. We did a bone age test and found out my bone age was were it is supposed to be. Then she decided to take a few blood tests. Later that day we found out I had hypothyroidism, a problem with the thyroid. I have to take medicine everyday to keep it stabilized. After a few days, we found out I had ITP, which is low platelets. This is all because of autoimmune disorder, which we also found out I had that summer. Later, we found out I had mixed connective tissue disease. Mixed connective tissue disease controlled all the sicknesses I had. Then I started taking a lost of blood tests and IV's. I even had one overnight stay at the hospital. One medicine they gave me finally got my system balanced again. The doctors keep saying that it's a miracle. Now, I still take medicines and all, but I don't have to go to the doctor's office every week like before. I believe in miracles because I am one!

The author's comments:
I posted this story because I feel people should still have faith in miracles. I hope that after reading this story you will share it to others and believe in miracles.

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