Mine and Austin's story

August 21, 2011
By Dacey Beck SILVER, Leander, Texas
Dacey Beck SILVER, Leander, Texas
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I'm 15 and he's 16. I moved in a big town where there is a lot of people, and a lot of boys, but even though there are more boys I could
never let this one go.
Kylie, my best friend in the whole wide world invited me to go to church with her on a Wednsday night, so I said "Sure, why not?" even though
I didn't really want too, I did because i had nothing better to do.
She warned me about a boy that most of her friends have "gone out" with, so I said to myself that I wouldn't "go out" with him because I wanted
to be different from her other friends.
When I saw this boy I told myself that he is not the cutest thing and I could always do better so there is no use in trying, but I knew that I was just
saying that to reasure myself.
I went again next week, and the week after that and so on. I posted a bulliten on myspace for people to message me their number because
had new phone and no contacts. I had about three messages and one of them was from him. I texted him as soon as I read his number, and
he texted back. I dont remeber how fast my heart was beating before I read the message that only said "Hey", but for some reason it didnt only
mean he was telling me "Hi", I felt like he was telling me he wanted to get to know me, and not just to be a friend. It was about 2 days
after he saved my number and we had our first conersation over the phone, he was telling me his ex got pregant from him but he didnt
do anything with her. Iv'e never heard so many cusswords in one sentence.
i had a boyfriend at the time, he wasn't the best boyfriend and didn't make me feel beautiful or loved but I felt like there wasn't a reason
to break up with him. The boy from church, Austin, and his friend, David, chose to give my current boyfriend "call", Lets just say,
he was no longer my boyfriend.
Days had gone by and i was in my grandma's room just talking to her and texting Austin. He said he had a question,"If I asked you to be my
girlfriend, what would you say?", I said "I'd say yes", so he asked me, and i said yes.
Our first "real date" was at a mini water park, so was our first kiss together.
We were in a pool with a bunch of other people and I knew for fact that he wasn't timid. He told me to go under water. I knew what he
wanted. It took him about 20 minutes to get me to go under water. but once i did, i never will regret it. Our first kiss, under water.
I talked my dad into letting me go to the movies with him "and his mom" (His mom wasn't really gonna go) on a sunday day, not night, day.
We were seeing GI JOE, while it lasted. It go boring, so he drove us back to his house where his parents were at church and no one was home.
For some reason, I was tempted to going into his room. We didnt do anything bad , i mean my clothes were on
but, It was that night that I wasn't shy anymore. That coming tuesday we really wanted to see eachother. So I snuck out past curfew.
The cops came and asked us our age. I felt like turning around and just walking and not stopping but I didnt just want to walk away from
Austin. The cop escorted me to my house. My dad had the most dissappointed look on his face. Oddly enough, i assume he was more dissapointed
than angry. My dad thought he was giving me enough freedom to go to a movie with him, but it just wasn't.
Austin was forced my my dad to not see me until I turned 16 (which was the age of dating in the first place in our house). We, of course,
found loopholes. Before I had the big day, I had to move. Austin kept his promise to my dad though. He came and visited me April 9th.
My birthday is April 4th. Next month will be 2 years....and 3 months. Lets just say, so far, It's been a "happily ever after".

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